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Parents Can Calm Down Only 1% Of Teens Are Sexting

In a study first reported back in December, it was discovered that sexting wasn’t nearly as popular as originally thought, with teenagers. If you’re not sure what sexting is, it’s when people send very sexual text messages alongside naked pictures of themselves via mobile phone.  In early 2011 it was believed that sexting was running rampant, an epidemic of sorts.

Now we know the truth, which is it’s hardly happening at all. At least in middle and high schools.

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According to research published by the Crimes Against Children Research Center, part of the University of New Hampshire at Durham, about 2.5% of teenagers say that they have sent nude pictures or partially nude pictures of themselves to someone else.

New research released last week by Openet and published on Read Write Web, suggests that even the 2.5% number is flawed and its closer to 1%. Whether it’s 2.5% or 1% both numbers are a far cry from 22% which was the number that has been thrown around for the last two years in regards to teenagers sexting.

7% of teenagers in the original UNH study said they had received nude or nearly nude images. Most of those images though were believed to be between two people in a “relationship”. 21 percent of those who created sexual images said they were embarrassed, and afraid after making the image. 25 percent said they were embarrassed after receiving the images.

Researchers from the journal of pediatrics have found that while some teenagers are sending sexual images back and forth only a very small number would fall into the category of child porn.

source: NPR RWW

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