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New Malware Found In Chinese Secondary Android App Markets

Chinese users of Android are facing a new malware threat that can be rather serious. However, if you’re not in China there is nothing to worry about so don’t panic.

The new malware goes by the name of RootSmart. The malware infects phones running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and is found in some secondary Chinese app markets. Once the malware is on your phone it spreads itself through other apps which makes it look like it could have originated from genuine Google Android Market apps.

Rootsmart than proceeds to download a copy of Gingerbreak which is the one click root tool for Gingerbread phones.  When Rootsmart downloads Gingerbreak it proceeds to gain root access to your phone and from there the trouble kicks up a couple notches.

Root access gives the malware access to parts of your phone that you don’t want it to have, like for instance, sending unauthorized text messages.  Rootsmart can then open up other holes in your system for other nasty things to get inside.

Security software like NQ Mobile can spot the attack coming from Rootsmart.

source: PhoneArenta

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