Nice: CM 9 Boot Animation On Video is showing off the boot animation for the highly anticipated CM9. CyanogenMod 9 is the Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich version of the world’s favorite ROM. CM 9 will give a large number of devices that may not see an official build of Ice Cream Sandwich, the functionality that ICS offers. It will also be a way for many Android device users to get the fun of Ice Cream Sandwich without having to wait nearly as long as the OEM’s and carriers want you to wait.

As Russell Holly puts it on

“This video is the evolution of the CM7 animation, where the arrow would spin around and around the blue bugdroid on his skateboard. The origins of this icon go back to the recovery screen of Android 1.5, where the bugdroid was riding his skateboard.”

He also points out that many people don’t like boot animations because of the resource drain, however the CyanogenMod team will be rigorously testing all aspects of CM9 (including the boot animation), prior to a final release.

Enjoy the video!