Mystery HTC Device Left Behind At A Bar

We tend to agree with a commentor over at Droid-Life, didn’t Apple patent leaving a prototype around at a bar?  The commentor received a reply saying, Yes Apple is now suing HTC in Germany…

What are we talking about here? Well apparently someone has left what looks to be an HTC prototype device behind at a restaurant or bar in San Francisco.  Droid-Life has received the exclusive pic above. They have more pics at the source link below.

Kellex thought the device resembled the Droid Incredible 2 however that phone was released last year and there would be no legitimate reason someone would be carrying a prototype this young out in February of 2012.

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One thing Kellex noticed was that there is no removable battery. That seems to be more in line with the new HTC One series devices released Sunday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. However, as you can see from the pic above, this phone is nowhere near as aerodynamic or sleek as even the HTC One V.

Kellex was only able to go off the physical appearance of the device. It appears that it has been remotely wiped after the guy (or girl) who left the phone out in public abruptly discovered their error. They probably went back to the restaurant but unbeknownst to them their phone was being photographed in the backroom and sent over to Droid-Life.

There are no real specs because of the remote wipe. Kellex does report that the volume rocker and USB port seem to be at different places than the Droid Incredible 2. The next iteration of the Droid Incredible has already been leaked and we’re certain it has a removable battery so that rules that device out as well.

It’s possible it could be an unannounced One Series type device and they just haven’t updated the outer portion of it. It could be a software test model as well. Who knows. It is kind of neat though. Perhaps HTC left it at the bar on purpose in hopes that they could get someone from Gizmodo to write a story about it, sue them and have the police ransack their house.

In case police in Kellex’s neighborhood are thinking about turning over his place, he only received photos and from a mystery source at that.

More photos of this prototype device at Droid-Life

source: Droid-Life