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Mystery Devices: Droid Fighter And LG Cayman Headed To Verizon?

A new substantiated leak has come by way of Droid-Life.  They’ve obtained an internal document highlighting some new device workshops happening this Spring.

The first device to have a workshop for employees is the LG Cayman. We’ve got no information about the LG Cayman other than the fact that the name has appeared on this workshop memo.  Droid-Life speculates that it could be a lower end phone because Verizon just released the LG Spectrum. That could be the case.

We also have to factor in the fact that Verizon has said all their phones going forward need to be 4G/LTE capable which would include low end and high end phones.

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There is also the chance that the LG Cayman is the LG Vu. The Vu is LG’s answer to the Samsung Galaxy Note. It features a 5″ screen and is in the new phoneblet category. Our thinking behind this is that Verizon wants a device to counter the Note on AT&T. We’ve also heard that the LG Vu is 4G/LTE so that could contribute to that theory.

On the Droid Fighter side we need to remember that while most of the “Droid” branded devices are Motorola, HTC and Samsung have had their hand at “Droid” branded devices like the Droid Incredible, Droid Incredible 2 and the Samsung Droid Charge. HTC is expected to release a whole portfolio of high end Android devices next week at MWC and perhaps the Droid Fighter is one of those.

Now keep in mind this is just a list of workshops which typically happen a few weeks before a device launch, but as Kellex suggests, those dates are Thursdays which is typically the day of choice for Verizon Wireless to release phones.

source: Droid-Life

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