MWC: Samsung Plans To Double Smartphone Sales In 2012

Samsung Telecommunications’ ever so vocal leader, JK Shin, made a statement to reporters at Mobile World Congress on Monday morning that has reverberated throughout the mobile community.

Last year was a record year for Samsung. The S. Korean global electronics giant sold 97.4 million smartphones, edging out Apple by 3.4 million units for the year.  On top of that they sold 327.4 million handsets total, up from 280.2 million the previous year.

The Samsung Galaxy S and the Samsung Galaxy S II drove their smartphone sales. Some considered the Galaxy S II one of the best smartphones ever made.  Samsung has been pushing their new 5.3″ phoneblet, dubbed the Samsung Galaxy Note.  They kicked off U.S. marketing with a 90 second commercial during the Super Bowl.

The Samsung Galaxy S II has sold over 20 million units in the last 10 months alone.  Samsung is expected to officially announce the follow up to the Samsung Galaxy S II, of course called the Samsung Galaxy S III, within the next couple of months which should help carry Samsung along to Shin’s not so lofty goal.

source: Reuters


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