MWC Rumor: Motorola To Debut First Intel Powered Handset

We’ve all heard several Samsung rumors. The Galaxy S III will release at MWC. The Galaxy S III won’t release at MWC. Samsung will release a new Exonys powered tablet, and many more.

We’ve seen several HTC rumors as well, the HTC Ville and the HTC Endeavor top the list. HTC has already announced a press event for the day before MWC.  Nvidia has also announced that they will release more “quad-core firsts” at a press event at MWC.

Now Motorola has joined the stable of MWC rumors. Mobile World Congress is the largest mobile focused technology show in the world and it’s less than two weeks away.

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At CES Motorola was the first OEM to announce a partnership with Intel to use their new Atom Z2460 processor,  that was originally referred to as Medfield, for future Android devices.  We’ve learned from Droid-Life via our friends at Pocket-Now, that we may see that first Intel powered Android handset debut at MWC.

The device is said to debut with Ice Cream Sandwich. In the image above shows that there are no physical Android buttons on the front of the device which supports the ICS claim. As you can see there are also some features of Motorola’s Motoblur.

The side of the device features what looks to be a power/sleep button and a volume rocker.  Pocket Now has also said this Motorola device will support up instant on capabilities and the burst photo feature of the Intel chip demonstrated below.

Source: Pocketnow via Droid-Life