MWC: It’s A Good Day For Android (Make That Year)

The doors opened on the official first day of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain (yesterday was press day).  That means Google’s Android centric booth-o-fun was open for business. Not only that but Google’s Senior Vice President in charge of Mobile and the godfather of Android, Andy Rubin, gave out some impressive statistics.

Last year at Mobile World Congress Google announced that there were 150,000 apps in the Android Market. Today there are 450,000 apps in the Android Market. Android is seeing over one billion app downloads per month.

Featured at the Android booth-o-fun at Mobile World Congress are 100 Android devices, which is just a small representation of the over 800 devices running Android today.  Those 800 Android devices account for some 850,000 new Android devices activated each day. Also according to Rubin there are 300 million Android devices around the world.

source: Google