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Multiple HTC Phones Go For Wi-Fi Certification Ahead Of MWC

By this time next week while all our readers are dreaming of sugar plum fairies, (Oh wait it’s not Christmas).  We’ll be preparing to fly out to Barcelona Spain for the GSMA’s Mobile World Congress. It’s going to be like Christmas time for many a mobile tech journalist, and millions of mobile technology fans.

The rumors continue to swirl for just about every major OEM. We’ve heard rumors about Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Huawei, ZTE, Nvidia and more. Now, after Friday morning’s report of 3 Samsung devices going for Wi-Fi certification, our friends at Androinica have uncovered some HTC devices looking to get their Wi-Fi stripes.

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It appears that the HTC “Fireball” is one of the devices that’s getting it’s Wi-Fi certification. The other entry is the PK76 series. As Adrian at Androinica points out, we’ve never seen anything that resembles this PK naming structure for HTC. It’s also a “series” of phones so it could possibly be the expected HTC One X, One S and One V phones we’re expecting to see at HTC’s press event.

HTC said earlier this year that they were looking to shoot for quality vs quantity in 2012 by releasing less phones and concentrating on higher end devices. Hopefully the PK series is part of that plan. We’d hate to see HTC go back on their word just a couple of months later.

Check out the Wi-Fi certifications at

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