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Mount Your Phone Or Tablet Out Of The Way With A Satechi Cup Holder Mount

When we first heard about the Satechi cup holder mounts, we thought wow, another mount. Then we did a double take because the Satechi cup holder mounts for phones and tablets solve a newly created car pain in a rather easy way.

Window suction mounts suck for many reasons. Sometimes they randomly just fall, which can be a hazard when driving. Some states don’t like them and are considering laws to get rid of them. Finally, Sometimes the glare of the sun off the window mounted device is blinding.

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That’s where the Satechi cup holder mount comes in. The cup holder mount fits in the cup holder of most cars and holds the tablet or phone at a much lower, much more functional area.  Not only that but cup holders are typically placed in areas where the sun isn’t going to disrupt the contents of the cup holder.

The SCH-121 Cup Holder Mount’s cradles can rotate 360 degrees allowing the tablet or smartphone to be placed in landscape or portrait mode. The hinges on the mount can rotate 180 degrees for vertical or horizontal height adjustment. Additionally, the Cup Holder Mount features an expandable base to ensure it fits in any size cup holder.

The Satechi cup holder mount is universal and works with any smartphone or 7 or 10″ tablet, from Android phone, to iPad, to Samsung Galaxy Tab and everything in between.

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