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Motorola’s Siri Challenge

Last year, at the last Engadget show before the Joshua Topolsky regime left for TheVerge,  they had one great guest in Steve Wozniak. It was on that stage, and then numerous times after that, that Wozniak admitted Android often had features before iOS.  Voice recognition/voice assistant was one of those features.

Android’s voice actions doesn’t have a cute name like Siri, and it’s not pre-programmed with quirky comebacks, however it’s efficient.  Motorola has released a video showing just how efficient Google’s voice actions are versus Siri.

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Motorola took 4 seemingly easy challenges for both voice systems to see who would win. We’re not going to tell you who won, you need to watch the video. Of course Motorola wouldn’t have posted the video if the results weren’t in Android’s favor.

The challenges were:

Challenge number one was to see which system could take a spoken message, turn it into an email and send it.

Challenge number two was to see which system could provide navigation for a specific direction.

Challenge number three was to see which system could set a reminder the quickest.

The final challenge was to see which system could navigate to quickest.  Siri actually went to Google rather than

As our friends at Phonearena have suggested, the most interesting part of this little research video is the fact that developers are rushing to push out a Siri competitor for Android, when it’s been baked into the system for years.

source: Motorola


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