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Motorola Stops Apple’s Push Notifications Dead In Their Tracks In Germany

The patent Motorola is enforcing dates back to their days in the pager business

Motorola was granted a permanent injunction against Apple three weeks ago in Manheim Germany, that involves push notifications. The injunction is against Apple’s iCloud and any device that can access it, however Mac desktops and laptops are not affected.

What are affected are the millions of iOS devices in use in Germany today. After Motorola won the injunction they sent a letter of enforcement to Apple demanding compliance with the injunction.

In order to comply with the injunction, while they are appealing Apple has suspended push notifications on iOS devices in Germany

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According to Patent blog site Foss Patents, the Motorola patent in question dates back to their days in the pager and text display paging business. Apple is of course appealing the decision.

Apple may also face an enforcement letter in Ireland as well. Back in January the same court ruled, as part of the EU, that Apple must stop selling or distributing mobile devices that infringe on Motorola patents.

source: Reuters


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