Motorola Exec Says iOS Security Is an Illusion

Motorola Mobility Executive Christy Wyatt spoke to a small group of journalists on Thursday and what came out of that meeting may be surprising.

The highlight of the discussion was that Wyatt said she believed that iOS security is an illusion.

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“There’s this sort of illusion that because the Apple App Store is curated…that they’re somehow testing for security and that you can outsource all of your security concerns to Apple,”  Wyatt told a group of reporters including Laptop Magazines Mark Spoonauer. “And I think that’s a pretty false sense of security. At the end of the day, the individual responsible for security is the IT organization.”

Despite Wyatt’s claim the reports of Android Malware popping up on a somewhat regular basis may be a source for disagreement. It’s well known that Apple’s walled garden app store and long vetting process for new apps, even from seasoned developers, means that malicious applications rarely make it into the iOS app store.

Android security seems to be less of an issue in the US. Third party app stores in Asia seem to deliver the most malware and malicious apps to Android devices. Android’s primary third party app stores; Get Jar, Amazon, and App Hysteria have security protocols in place.

Google has also started using a new service called “Bouncer” that patrols the Android market for malicious apps and malware as well.

Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha spoke at a Merill Lynch Bank Of America tech summit last year and said that they were using data brought back to Motorola via the Motoblur service to monitor all kinds of things that users face on their Android devices, presumably Android security as well.

source: Laptop