Mobile Devices Cutting Into SuperBowl Advertising?

A new survey from Velti suggests that smartphones may cut into advertising revenue for the Super Bowl. Not only is Sunday’s football game the biggest sporting event in the U.S. it’s also the largest ad revenue generating event in sports.

Velti, a leading global provider of mobile marketing and technology, released the results of a survey which said that 60 percent of mobile users plan on using their mobile device during the big game. Top research firm Harris Interactive performed the study for Velti.

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As we become a more mobile world the statistics grow with the devices. 83 percent of the people who said they would be using their mobile phones during the Super Bowl said they plan on using it as much or more than last years game.

According to the study 47% of respondents over 18 said they plan on using their mobile device more than 10 times during the telecast of the game. 26% of the respondents said they planned on accessing their mobile device during commercial breaks which would ultimately mean that there will be less eyes on the multi million dollar Super Bowl commercials.

By the time the game finishes most of the Super Bowl commercials will be available for viewing all over the internet, so those looking at their mobile phones during the commercials live appearance may revisit it later on in the week on Youtube, a company website or any of the thousands of sites that will surely analyze all of the commercial offerings.

“This survey is indicative of how integrated the mobile device has become during the biggest television event of the year in the U.S.,” said Krishna Subramanian, Chief Marketing Officer of Velti. “Viewers are sitting in front of the television with a mobile device in their hand and they’ll likely check that ‘second’ screen often. There’s no going back now from the fact that the Super Bowl is truly a two-screen experience. Mobile is the second screen that completes the full circle of user engagement – turning advertising into content.”

Using a mobile device during the big game isn’t just something for the younger 18-24 set. According to the survey 31% of those over 55 said they will be using their mobile device during Sunday’s Super Bowl.

source: FierceWireless