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Metro PCS Begins Offering “Block It” Ditch Unwanted Callers


If you’re a MetroPCS Android customer and you’ve been getting unwanted calls from exes or telemarketers than MetroPCS has the app for you. They call it “Block It” and it does just what you think it would, it blocks unwanted calls.

MetroPCS has teamed up with our friends at Privacy Star to make blocking unwanted calls as easy as pushing a button.  Sure you can block calls on Google Voice and there are other apps which will help you block calls on an Android phone, but because of the integration with Privacy Star you can also add these unwanted numbers to the do-not-call list and report them as violators of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act all through the Block It app.

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Block it as available free for the first 30 days and than $1.00 a month after that. $1.00 a month seems fair enough to not have to be bothered by those unwanted calls.

“We understand our customers’ needs and, with mobile devices being the primary phone and Internet device for many of our customers, recognize the need to provide them with a service that allows for uninterrupted use and control over their primary lifeline to the world,” said Tom Keys, president and chief operating officer of MetroPCS. “We’re excited about working with PrivacyStar to meet the needs of our users and continue providing voice, text and data services, along with great features like Metro Block-it, at an incredible value.”

While “Block It” is only available to MetroPCS customers, Privacy Star is available to all via this Android Market link



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