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Meshin Introduces Recall Into The Android Market

Our good friends at Meshin have introduced another great app to the Android Market. Our Apps Editor, Elijah has his own way of reviewing apps, for me though most apps that I consider “best” are apps that qualify as productive or business.

Meshin Recall is one of those apps. It integrates with your Evernote account and all, or as many of, your calendars that you want. Once it populates and syncs your calendar it adds a box next to each calendar item to make an evernote next to it.

What this does is gives the user another way to recall (hence the name) important notes from a meeting or event that’s already a calendar item.

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I had taken a break from Evernote for a  while, in fact when I reactivated my Evernote account the entries were from the spring of 2010.  Nevertheless, recall still populated my calendars and I was able to link those notes to meetings and events that were in my archived calendar.

For me, note taking can be a mess at best. Yes there is important information in my notes but after a long day I have no idea what notes go with what and sometimes I’ve started a new note so quickly that I forget to label it correctly.  That problem is now gone thanks to Meshin’s Recall.

Meshin Recall takes advantage of all of the functions of Evernote so the note that you add to your calendar item can be a text note, audio note or photo note.

This could come in real handy when trying to track pictures back to dates and separate event.

Meshin’s other app, simply called Meshin, is a great email and message aggregator that takes your messages from all your different email and messaging apps and puts them in a pulse like viewer that is both easy to navigate and easy to read. Check out our full review of Meshin here.

Check it out now in the Android Market here.

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