Meet Andru The Coolest Little Android Wall Charger You’ve Ever Seen

Salom America may not be a name you know, however they’ve been around for years designing OEM chargers for mobile devices. Salom has decided to take on their own line of chargers called the Gen line.

Meet Gen’s first charger, his name is Andru and as you can see he is a little green Android with lots of personality. Andru’s arms and antenna move. His eyes light up. They are blue while he is charging your Android phone and white when he is in stand by. His little legs plug directly into the wall.

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He comes with an included charging cable that fits any microUSB Android device (or Blackberry, Windows phone etc). Andru can even charge an iPhone if you’re so inclined.

He will look great on your desk and have the whole office talking.

Andru Features:

  • -Moveable arms and flexible antennae
  • -Light-up eyes (Blue: charging; White: Standby)
  • -Soft matte finish
  • -Comes with his own stand and cable
  • -Conveniently small at 2.5 inches tall

Andru’s Specs

  • Input: 120~240V AC
  • Output: 5V/1A DC
  • Very low standby power
  • Level V efficiency
  • 1.2m Micro-USB datacable
So now that you’re done salivating at the next Android thing you need to own, you can buy one directly from Gen here