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Keep Track Of Your Driving Speed With My Max Speed 2.0 For Android

Iconosys has announced the release of My Max Speed 2.0 to the Android Market. My Max Speed keeps track of the speed that you’re traveling at and makes a database notation every 5 seconds.

Why would you need this kind of information:

– To monitor how fast you actually drove on a trip
– To monitor how fast you actually drove on the way to work and then recalculating your commute
– To makes sure you stay within the legal limit
– To know if your new driver children are speeding

There are countless reasons that you could use information like this. My Max Speed 2.0 enters all this information into a spreadsheet that you can download as an excel file.  Not only that but within the spreadsheet, on an Android phone, you can tap the speed and it will show you on a map where you were traveling at.

Wayne Irving CEO of Iconosys and father of three teenage children said:”There are hundreds of reasons to run My Max Speed on your smart phone. We expect many will help protect drivers’ rights while others will make the roads safer. For example, our children are more apt to drive slower/safer if they know there is a chance that I will be checking their speed reports,”

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Here’s a complete list of features:

• The large display shows rate of speed in large format, showing you your highest rate of speed in past five minutes of driving/traveling

• Store rates of speed every five seconds in a spreadsheet format

• Store speed snapshots in five minute segments for evidentiary purposes

• Export speed reports to Excel, Word, Power Point or other software

• Tap on the spreadsheet sheet display in the app on any specific speed instance and get a daytime map

• Send your speed reports to another thru email and or share on Facebook

 Guards Up!™ Features:

• Establish a foundation location from which to set an allowable travel perimeter

• Set an allowable travel perimeter to be notified of violation

• Get notified via SMS text message, when the installed phone has traveled outside this limit



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