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Is Instragram Ready For Android, Samsung Thinks So

We got a great tip earlier by way of a story Scott Webster posted to Apparently Samsung is ready to feature the hit hipster photo app, Instagram for Android. Instagram has taken the iPhone world by storm with it’s socially intensive photo app.

Instagram allows you to take pictures and then apply funky filters to them before posting them to the Instagram network and then your other choice social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The problem is, Instagram is gigantic in user size but still a pretty small company. At TechCrunch Disrupt NY last year the founders of Instagram said they were committed to producing an Android app, unfortunately they only have two guys working on it.

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Well low and behold Instagram was a featured app on the Samsung Galaxy Tab earlier Monday. When you went to the link though, nothing. A search of the Android market still finds the same hack apps that have always been there.

Samsung doesn’t make it a habit to recommend apps that don’t exist yet so this should be an indicator that Instagram will be released to Android soon. Stay tuned.

source: AndroidGuys

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