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Ice Cream Sandwich Samsung Device Leaked Before MWC

As we get closer and closer to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, we are going to see more and more leaks.  This one just gets downright confusing though.

Samsung has officially said that we won’t see the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S II, at MWC. It seemed that with leaks over the weekend we were looking forward to a tablet only showing by the world’s largest provider of Android devices.

This new leaked photo found on the Twitter account of Eldar Murtazin, an industry insider. All he did was post the photo with no supporting information.

Now of course there is the possibility that this is just a mock up of sorts as it shows Ice Cream Sandwich buttons and we all know ICS is a buttonless OS. Maybe Samsung is doing something a little different with Android 4.0 though.

There have been reports all week that Samsung is planning a Galaxy S II plus but that device is said to release with Gingerbread and not Ice Cream Sandwich.

Whatever this device is, if it’s released at MWC we’ll be there bringing the action to you live.

source: Twitter via BGR

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