Huawei Honor To AT&T

Way back last June PC Mag’s Sascha Segan got the exclusive on what was at the time a top notch super smartphone. The manufacturer was Huawei, the phone, the Huawei Glory/Honor/Mercury.

The Android powered phone witha 1.4ghz single core processor, 4-inch FWGA (854×860) display, 8mp rear facing camera and front facing camera, arrived in the states via Cricket Wireless just a couple of months ago.

While the phone may not be that big on spec right now, it’s an awesome Android device. We’ve been using the Cricket version since January which is known on the prepaid network as the “Huawei Mercury”

It looks like that same device will head over to AT&T as it’s passed through the FCC with AT&T bands in tow.

The international (GSM) version of the device already has Ice Cream Sandwich in Asia. Hopefully that means that the AT&T version will see an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich sometime soon after release. As for the release date, that’s still a mystery, as is the pricing. If it comes in at the right price though it will be a great mid-range device.

source: Unwired


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