HTC Working On A PlayStation Certified Device?


Sony is revamping it’s entire mobile ecosystem. First, as you probably know, Sony is in the process of buying out partner Ericsson to make Sony Ericsson phones a full part of Sony Corporation. The name of the new mobile unit “Sony Mobile Communications”, was announced at Sony’s CES press conference.

Sony has also revamped their mobile gaming platform. They moved away from the PSP and have introduced the new Sony PlayStation Vita. The Vita has debuted in Europe and Asia and will be released next week in the U.S.  Sony has also created the Vita operating system to be expandable. Although they have no plans to move away from Android now, they’ve admitted that they can with Vita, which may be an option down the road.

Last year, Sony Ericsson released the first PlayStation certified Android phone. The Sony Xperia Play did well in sales but not nearly what was expected from all the hype leading up to launch at last years Mobile World Congress. Xperia Play units were late to arrive at Verizon Wireless due to supply chain issues caused by the Tsunami that was in Japan last spring.

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Ultimately, that put the Verizon Wireless version of the Sony Xperia Play up against three other handsets when it launched.

Now we’re hearing that Sony has licensed the “PlayStation Certified” certification to HTC. This will be the first time that Sony has ever certified a device outside of their own. The PlayStation certification brings with it the ability to play Sony PlayStation mobile games as well as access to Sony’s own app/game store which will re-release several titles from Sony’s legacy gaming systems.

“It expands the PlayStation experience beyond the PSP border. It is the first cross-platform endeavour,” said Kaz Hirai, soon to be Sony Corp CEO said in a statement.

HTC has never been afraid of partnerships which ultimately make their hardware better. HTC was the first handset maker to incorporate SRS Labs audio. They are also the exclusive mobile partner for Beats by Dre audio.

HTC said earlier this year that they were focusing on quality and not quantity, this new PlayStation certified device should expand on that philosophy.

source: Pocket-Lint