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HTC Ville Gets The Blurry Cam Ahead Of MWC

Website eprice, has gotten their hands on a testing unit of the HTC Ville. We can tell this is a legitimate blurry cam shot because you can see the watermark on the front of the screen. That’s an HTC watermark and not the typical watermark that mobile websites usually put on a picture when they have it first. It’s also the same watermark seen in the video below.

More after the break, including that silent video

HTC is looking to release less phones than last year and focus on quality vs quantity. HTC is holding a press event at MWC and we’re expecting to see this device along with a few others including the HTC Edge.

The HTC Ville is expected to feature a 4.3″ qhd screen, Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich and a dual core 1.5ghz processor. The HTC Edge is expected to be HTC’s first quad-core phone.

source: AndroidCommunity

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