HTC Unlocks More Bootloaders This Time Legacy Devices

It’s hard to think of a device that’s just over two years old as a “legacy” device, but at the super fast way Android travels, a legacy device could have been released last summer.

HTC is preparing a huge press event at Mobile World Congress. They’ve already said they are putting tablets on the back burner and concentrating on quality over quantity when it comes to phones. That’s why were expecting a big show with just a handful of new phones, some new services and a re-invigorated Peter Chou.

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Last year HTC set up a developer portal called HTCdev. They hired some great developer outreach folks like Bruce Jones, and they set out to unlock bootloaders. Earlier this year it was revealed that every HTC Android device released in 2011 had their bootloader unlocker posted to the HTC dev site.

Today, HTC has announced that they’ve gone back to the vault and unlocked some of the legacy Android devices as well. The HTC Hero, Legend, Eris, MyTouch 3G, and MyTouch 4G all have the ability to unlock their bootloaders. The information is posted at

This addition of unlocked bootloaders brings the grand total to 58 devices. HTC is well on top of the developer game. Motorola recently announced that rather than unlock the Razr they will release a developer model with an unlocked bootloader.

Of course many phones don’t need to have the OEM unlock the bootloader, the Android developer community does a great job of unlocking most devices. HTC supporting this openness though, speaks miles about the Taiwanese manufacturer.

source: HTC Dev via PhoneArena