Google Wallet Opens Up To Nexus S And Galaxy Nexus On AT&T, There’s A Work Around For Verizon

When Google Wallet rolled out exclusively to the Sprint Nexus S 4G Android enthusiasts everywhere couldn’t wait until Google Wallet was available on other devices. It was quickly discovered that Google Wallet could be side loaded onto a rooted or unrooted Galaxy Nexus on Verizon Wireless.

Now, Google has officially made Google Wallet available to Nexus S owners on AT&T as well as those running a GSM Galaxy Nexus on AT&T. If you have one of those devices on AT&T you can simply go into the Android Market, search Google Wallet and voila you’ll have it on your phone.

Google Wallet still won’t show up in the Android Market for the Galaxy Nexus however as Phandroid points out there is a somewhat easy workaround for you that doesn’t require root and can be downloaded to the device rather than side loaded.

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Here are the instructions:

1.  From your phone open the browser and head to
2.  Search for “Google Wallet.”

*If your browser prompts you to open the Market, don’t. Just stay in the browser.

3.  When the results come back, tap on the Google Wallet icon.
4.  Tap the “Install” button from within the browser and then sign into your Google account.

*Again, this is all from the browser, not the Market app.

5.  Once you have signed in, you should be redirected back to the Market page in the browser.
6.  Obviously, you will not have the option to install there since the VZW Nexus is not supported.
7.  Tap the back button until you are prompted for the Market or Browser again, this time choosing the Market.
8.  The Android Market should open to the Google Wallet page with an option to install.


Source: Phandroid

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  1. It will download to a Nexus S AT&T but then when you try to run it it says “Hardware Not Supported”.

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