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Google Voice Gets Updated With Offline Message Queuing And A New UI for 3.0 & 4.0 Devices

With Ice Cream Sandwich really starting to hit it off with Android users, Google has started updating all of their apps to follow suit with the new UI. Finally, along with many of their other popular services, Google decided to update Google Voice to sport the new ICS look. The update doesn’t really bring any huge new features to the table, but does add a few notable changes. The new asynchronous SMS sending is a welcome addition, meaning now when you try to send a message without a data connection, it will be added to a queue instead of just lost in the unsent Google Voice message abyss.

If you install the update on a device running Android 4.0, you will get a brand new UI as well that takes away the need for a menu button. The app gets a new, dark look that really is much more aesthetically pleasing and modernized. Whether you’re on Android 4.0 or not, the update is worth getting because the asynchronous SMS is a huge step-up from what we had before. The full list of things in the update is as follows:

  • Asynchronous SMS sending (offline queuing) – Note that it still works synchronously for multiple recipients.
  • New style UI in Honeycomb and ICS
  • Official user feedback menu on each screen (previously dogfood menu).

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