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Google Testing A Next Generation Personal Communications Device In Employee Homes

The interwebs were a flurry with reports last week that Google had filed a “Special Temporary Authority” (STA) so that they could test an at home audio/video system in employee homes at locations throughout the country.  As our friends at 9to5Google put it, the system is similar to a Sonos in home media system.

In fact, one of Danger’s founders, Joe Britt, who helped create the sidekick with Andy Rubin, demonstrated the prototype of that product at last years Google I/O.

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Well now we’ve learned that Google has filed another STA to test a “Next Generation Personal Communications Device” in Google employee homes. Google is requesting permission to test this new device in 102 homes in Mountain View, LA, New York and Cambridge, Massachusettes.

Engadget reported Sunday evening that this test would begin soon. There is no more information available on exactly what this device is and if it will use Google’s Android mobile operating system for the device. It’s also unclear as to whether or not this device is part of the in home audio/video system which is part of the [email protected] Tungsten Hub.

Perhaps the device is designed as a controller for the entire home system. What do you think it is?

source: Engadget

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