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Google + For Android Gets A Major Update But Still A Little Shabby On Tablets

Maybe Google is waiting to get an official Ice Cream Sandwich tablet, but today they unleashed a major update to Google+ for Android that works deliciously on phones.

Google has added a trending topics type feature to your favorite social networking app. They are calling trends for Google+ “what’s hot” In this trending topics feature you’ll get to peruse the hottest topics that are generating the most shares, comments and of course +1’s.

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Google has said there are massive performance updates in this new version of the Android app. In addition to the what’s hot feature you can now find out who +1’d what. Before it just showed you the number of +1’s now it ties it to a name kind of like it is in the Android market.

For your navigating pleasure Google has shortened stream posts so you can see more of the list of posts and click in if you want to.

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