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Google Adds Instant Upload And Fixes Other Major Problems With G+ For iPhone

The icon in the upper left hand corner now allows G+ iOS users to go back to the main screen

Although it hasn’t yet caught up with Android for hangouts and video yet, Google+ for iOS just saw a major fix today.  The highlight that everyone is talking about for the upgrade to Google+ for iOS is the instant upload feature. While instant upload is the bees knees for G+ photo sharing, iPhone touting Google +ers will be happy to know they’ve fixed some pain in the ass flaws.

Stuck in the black hole
The first thing we noticed on the update to G+ for iPhone is that you are no longer stuck in a black hole. Any G+ iPhone user knows what I’m talking about. Prior to this version you could go wherever you wanted on Google+ one time, and then you were stuck there until you got a notification for something else.  There was no back button or navigation button on G+ for iPhone until today. This is a very welcomed fix.

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Clicky Clicky
As our Editor at Large liked to say when I would use G+ on an iPhone vs an Android phone, “ha ha yo no clicky”. Until today a link sent by messenger or in Google+ couldn’t be clicked on, and you couldn’t go through to see the content. Alas, today you can.

In addition to instant upload Google has also added the “What’s Hot” stream to the iOS version of the app. They also added the feature to see who +1’d you.

(something we have never done on TDG is going to happen next)

If you’re an iPhone user you can click here to download the updated Google+ in the iPhone App Store

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