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Foursquare Finally Receives Update With Refresh Button


I use Foursquare all the time, and one thing I could never understand was the fact that there wasn’t a refresh button in the check-in screen. Every time I open the app and search for a venue everything works fine, but as soon as I move to a new location I have to completely back out of the application because there was no way to refresh. The developers at Foursquare have taken a few years to figure this out, but have finally fixed one of my biggest gripes about the app. The fix was extremely simple and should have been done quite a long time ago. Usually updates this small aren’t news-worthy, but I can’t be the only person who thought the lack of the feature was a little annoying.

That being said, the update is here now, and Foursquare users can go download it from the Market as we speak. Be sure to check back with TheDroidGuy for more news and app updates, and stay tuned for our continuous coverage of MWC.

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