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First Time Smartphone Owners Picking Android

New data has come out of research group NPD today that’s showing a very interesting trend for Android. According to NPD, more than half of new or first time smartphone owners are picking an Android device.

According to NPD Android has 48% of the smartphone market share overall. iPhone has 43% of the smartphone market share. RIM, Symbian, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform make up the remaining 9%. While Android is ahead by 6 points overall, new smartphone adoption statistics weigh heavily in Android’s favor.

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New NPD data says that 57% of new smartphone owners have chosen an Android device as their first smartphone. iPhone on the other hand has only 34% of new users.  This could be a direct result of different price points and promotions at the carrier level available from Android.

NPD also suggests that another driving force behind this trend is the fact that Verizon and AT&T’s 4G/LTE networks only support Android phones. We are probably going to see an iPhone on 4G/LTE next year.

While the case can always be made that Apple releases a limited number of self made devices annually, Android is able to penetrate more of the market by offering a multitude of form factors and solutions for every budget and user.

source: ZDNet

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