EXCLUSIVE: Details Of iPad 3 Surface In Leaked Apple Script!


We know that this document is most likely a fake however in the off chance it’s not here’s the story.  A Kindle Reader document called “2012 Apple Spring Draft Script” has surfaced on Amazon.com here.

The document is supposedly a script for Apple’s upcoming press event in March of 2012. It says that the event will highlight the “iTV, iVision, iPad 3 and iMac”.  Perusing through the document there is no refresh for the iPhone in this presentation.

iPad 3
According to the “script” the iPad 3 will be
– up to 3x faster than the A5 dual core
– up to 15x faster graphics performance
– same low power as A5
– first quad core tablet to ship in volume
– 2gb of RAM
– 4x the resolution of iPad 2
– 5mp camera
– 4G LTE

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Next in the presentation CEO Tim Cook is to introduce Scott Forstall who goes on to highlight the new iOS 5.1 that will debut with the iPad 3. Forstall talks about the software enhancements in the iOS software. Apple has also partnered with Game Loft which is mentioned here in the document. A Gameloft representative comes on stage to introduce new games optimized for the quad-core A6 chip and HD display.

Scott Forstall also introduces a new kickstand. According to the script Forstall will put the iPad up on it’s kickstand and then use wireless controllers to play games.

According to the script Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl and Butch Vig will come on stage next to introduce Garage Band 2 which is being billed as the most portable 16 track recording device. Butch Vig produced the first Nirvana album Nevermind just to name a few.

Vig goes onto say that with just the iPad 3, and some outboard gear he has a more powerful studio set up than he did “back in the day”

As for pricing, Cook is supposed to tell the masses that all the price points are the same as always except for the 4G/LTE models which will be $50 more there is also a 128gb model in the works.

Again this could be a total fake but as a colleague points out the name of the publisher “Noam Dguerre” is actually a pseudonym for pseudonym.

Here’s the Amazon link for now (it will most likely get taken down)


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