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Double Data Comes Back For New Verizon Wireless 4G/LTE Customers

If you’re thinking about getting a new Verizon Wireless smartphone with 4G/LTE capabilities you may want to wait just an extra two days. Verizon Wireless is firing up their double data promotion again for new 4G/LTE contracts.

The promotion, which they ran at the tail end of 2011, allows customers to get double the 4G/LTE data per month on a new two year agreement. So where you would normally get 2gb of data for $30 a month you now get 4gb of data for the same price.

The only catch is that this is for 4G/LTE data plans only and doesn’t cover 3g only phones or service areas. In other words, iPhone fans are out of luck.

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The promotion starts back up Friday with the introduction of the Motorola Droid 4. Verizon didn’t say how long the promotion will last however Verizon’s CFO Fran Shammo said earlier this year that the promotion was very successful in driving customers to Verizon’s 4G/LTE network.

Verizon has made an aggressive expansion into 4G/LTE with over 200 million customers covered. Verizon is trying to move as many customers as possible to 4G/LTE to take some of the strain off of their CDMA 3G network.

Verizon also said at CES earlier this year that manufacturers would be required to make smartphones compatible with the 4G/LTE network going forward.

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