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DOJ Approves Google Motorola Mobility Merger

On Monday we reported that the European Union’s regulators approved the pending sale of Motorola Mobility to #google.

Now, it looks like the United States Department of Justice has approved the pending merger as well.  The DOJ has closed the antitrust investigation and released this statement saying the acquasition was “unlikely to substantially lessen competition.”

The approval from the Department of Justice paves the way for Google to continue with the transaction and close it by signing the appropriate paperwork and writing a check. Google has said that one of the main reasons they are purchasing Motorola Mobility is the large stash of patents that Motorola has.

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The DOJ has issued this statement pertaining to the buyout of Motorola Mobility and the patents:

“After a thorough review of the proposed transactions, the Antitrust Division has determined that each acquisition is unlikely to substantially lessen competition and has closed these three investigations.  In all of the transactions, the division conducted an in-depth analysis into the potential ability and incentives of the acquiring firms to use the patents they proposed acquiring to foreclose competitors.  In particular, the division focused on standard essential patents (SEPs) that Motorola Mobility and Nortel had committed to license to industry participants through their participation in standard-setting organizations (SSOs).  The division’s investigations focused on whether the acquiring firms could use these patents to raise rivals’ costs or foreclose competition.”

The DOJ went on to say:

“The division concluded that the specific transactions at issue are not likely to significantly change existing market dynamics.

source: DOJ via CNet


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