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Do You Look At Your Phone 150 Times A Day?

3G consultant Tomi Ahonen was speaking at the Mobile Web Africa conference in Johannesburg where they were discussing rising trends in mobile and wireless. Ahonen revealed a shocking statistic and that is that the average person looks at their phone 150 times a day. That’s once every 6.5 minutes while they are awake.

How often do you look at your phone?

Ahonen went on to explain how mobile is the quickest way to reach a customer. As an example Ahonen went on to say that the average email is opened 48 hours after it’s sent. The average text or MMS message on the other hand is opened 4 minutes after it’s sent. That equates to the average text messaging getting read 720x faster than the average email.

In China, their largest carrier China Mobile has 40 million people paying for headline text messages to their phone that promise “Tomorrow’s headline today”. Mobile has managed to continue to rise while other industries are going through horrible times.

About that 150 times thing though, really, do you think you look at your phone 150 times a day?

source: PhoneArena

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