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CyanogenMod Asks For Community Help, Here’s Why

Let’s face it, most people take in their news from slugs and headlines from RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. So when you saw that CyanogenMod needed donations or help you may have thought that they were looking for some money for their hard work. Really that’s not a bad idea, but since the first Cyanogen Mod came out all they’ve ever asked for was beer money.

We’ve seen stories of other hackers and developers soliciting donations, or heck, just bounties for their work. This is far from the case for the CM team.  In fact, asking for community support for the largest Android Mod in the world was the last thing this team of developers wanted to do.

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Since before Christmas the Cyanogenmod team has been wrestling with the decision to ask the community for support. They need this support because they lost a large cluster of machines that they were using to do builds and offer nightlies to the community.

According to one Cyanogen insider the CM7 builds take about 15 minutes however the CM9 builds, based on Ice Cream Sandwich, take around 45 minutes. Multiply that by 60 supported devices and you’ve got a bunch of super smart developers, who actually have day jobs or school, who’s personal computers are tied up with builds all day.

The CM team is hoping to raise enough money to get the hardware they need to sustain the current build load, resume releasing nightlies and for whatever the immediate future holds. With hundreds of thousands of users only a small donation from most would help in a big way.

You may ask why not use servers already in place like Amazon for instance. Well again those servers cost money and bill by the hour. The CM team would need the money to pay for those external servers and the investment is better spent helping the CM team acquire their own hardware.

So what if you don’t even use Cyanogen Mod.  Personally, I’ve used CM once I have CM7 on an HTC Evo 4G, which currently isn’t my primary device.  So why would I donate?

Well the simple fact is this, since the first CyanogenMod the OEM’s and Google have taken to using the latest build and then working new features into the next build. Although it may be disputed by Google, CM was the first to offer multi-touch, pinch to zoom, apps to sd, and wireless hotspot.

Don’t get me wrong the Android team at Google is phenomenal and they do amazing work but the Cyanogen team has been instrumental in giving Google and OEM’s ideas for future builds of Android.

While CM will continue without the donations, it’s going to be harder and harder to keep up with the workload they have in front of them, much less get on the cutting edge of new devices as they have done in the past.

So if you’re ready to give up your latte today to help Android for tomorrow, follow this link and hit the donate via paypal link at the bottom of the page.

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