Cool Gadget: Swann Introduces 2 New Pen Cams! Quality Spy Cam For Less

If you’ve ever felt the need to have the tools of a spy or cool gadgets like in Person of Interest, today may be your lucky day.  The folks at Swann have introduced not one, but two brand new pen cams that are both less than $100.

The new HD PenCam and the PenCam 4GB Mini Video Camera and recorder are both working pens concealing high quality cameras that can capture the action in the room. Whether you’re doing a business deal and want extra surveillance or you’re on a spy mission these two pen cameras deliver the features you need in a very small space.

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The HD PenCam is capable of capturing high definition AVI videos at 1280×720 as well as high resolution jpg images.

The PenCam 4GB takes high quality images and has the largest hard drive of any PenCam on the market today.

HD PenCam

To view your video recordings or still images, transfer to a computer is made possible via a card reader or the included USB cable. The HD PenCam is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that lasts 45 minutes on a full charge and recharges via a computer’s USB port. Thanks to the flexibility of an additional 16GB MicroSD card, users can capture up to 8 hours of video or 72,000 still images.


PenCam 4GB

When you’re ready to view your footage, simply unscrew the pen and the lower half contains a USB connector that plugs into a computer for easy back-up. Enjoy up to 90 minutes of usage per charge and recharge the built-in Lithium-ion battery via a computer’s USB. With the 4GB built-in memory, users can capture approximately 2 hours of video or 18,000 still images.

The PenCam 4GB will set you back just $69.99 while the HD version is only $99.99 and they’re coming soon to major electronics retailers like Fry’s and Amazon.