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Collaborate With PhatPad For Android Now Available

Collaborating, sharing and working together wirelessly on smartphones and tablets is becoming a great new way to brainstorm and handle project management. A cool app with a phat name, has now been released for Android which makes brainstorming and collaborating both easy and fun.

Phatware’s new Phatpad for Android tablets and phones, is a feature packed collaboration tool with proven handwriting recognition technology. With phatpad users can brainstorm and collaborate, draw, write, and type together on any Android tablet or phone by way of email, wifi or dropbox.

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 “The beauty of PhatPad as a note-taking, collaboration and brainstorming tool is that it allows users to draw pictures, jot notes, or put a mixture of pictures, drawings, handwritten and typed text on a virtual scratch pad,” said Stan Miasnikov, president of PhatWare Corp. “PhatPad’s handwriting recognition engine allows users to convert previously recorded handwritten notes into digital text, and edit text using either the handwriting input panel or the keyboard.”

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Other features of PhatPad include:

·        Smooth-flowing digital ink technology which lets Android tablet and smartphone users scribble notes as if they are writing on real paper

·        The ability to combine drawing, handwritten text, images, and digital text on the same document page as well as voice notes to create media-rich content

·        A powerful handwriting recognition engine, which automatically converts handwritten notes into text

·        Document sharing using Dropbox synchronization, PDF, WiFi, and email

·        Voice notes – record, play, and use in presentation mode

·        Scroll, zoom and variable page size

Check it out for yourself in the Android Market

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