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Catalogue App By TheFind, Lets You Look At Catalogs & Check Local Inventory

With the popularity of tablets, both Android and other garden varieties, an explosion of “magazine” style apps has started to form. Not just magazines though, retailers are taking to tablets to publish catalogs in brilliant and interactive colors.

One of the best catalog apps out there is called “Catalogue” by TheFind.  Catalogue has been around on Android tablets and iPads for a while. Late last year when the Kindle Fire was released Catalogue jumped at the opportunity to get on another immensely popular device at the right time.

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Now, Catalogue has a Kindle Fire base of over 150,000. The company has announced that they are using their 150,000 Kindle Fire users to beta test a new feature that is going to change the way apps in the catalog category are used.

Now, in addition to being able to browse nearly 100 of the best catalogs available, the Catalogue app by TheFind has added the feature to check local store inventory based on location for the items you are looking at and interested in, in the catalogs.

Now of course there are a good handful of catalogs that are catalog sales only. TheFind is using some of their top shelf click and mortar retailers like Crate & Barrel, Best Buy and Williams-Sonoma to test out the new “local inventory” feature.

So if you’re like me and love to look at catalogs but can’t stand waiting for a product to come in the mail, give Catalogue by TheFind out for yourself. To get in on the local inventory feature though, you need to be using the Kindle Fire version, for now.

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