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BrightStar Subsidiary To Offer Asurion Like Protection To Cricket Customers

San Diego based Cricket Wireless saw some major expansion in 2011. Best Buy started selling Cricket phones and service across most of their stores in the United States.

Cricket also continued to innovate their prepaid/pay as you go portfolio with the addition of some top tier Android devices like the Huawei Merucy and a bundled Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 package. When bundled with Cricket’s mifi device you get a combination that, before, was only seen on postpaid carriers like Verizon Wireess, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

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Add phone insurance to that list of features that Cricket will offer. This seems to be the first of it’s kind in the prepaid/pay as you go segment.

With the help of partner BrightStar and their eSecuritel brand, Cricket can now offer their customers protection against breakage, theft, damage, malfunction and “issues experienced beyond the handset manufacturer’s conventional warranty”.

The addition of this service offering puts Cricket customers on the same exact level as those on a post paid carrier, with the ability to manage their bill more effectively by choosing one fo Cricket’s truly unlimited prepaid plans.  More and more customers are turning to prepaid services like Cricket so there are no “surprises” on their wireless bills.

“We’re excited to work with one of the nation’s largest no-contract, pay-in-advance wireless providers, to provide a tightly integrated solution that links Brightstar’s POS, distribution and logistics expertise with our robust device protection program offering and technology,” said David Leach, CEO, eSecuritel. “This combination of services provides a new level of transparency and real-time visibility that will allow Cricket to better serve its growing customer base.”

The eSecuritel platform includes the ability for Cricket representatives to track a customers phone that is signed up for their service to locate the phone if lost and provide some basic diagnostics.

source: Brighstar

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