Bieber Wars Over Android And iOS App

We wanted to take a break from the thrice weekly reporting on patent wars involving Apple and Motorola, Apple and Samsung, and Apple and HTC. Today we’ve got a great story about Justin Bieber and his attorneys who are hard at work trying to sue development studio RC3.

The creative minds at RC3 Inc have turned teen pop sensation Justin Bieber, into a beaver in a parody of sorts about Justin’s life.  In the game called “Joustin’ Beaver”, you are the Beav’s, no not like “Leave It To Beaver”, but rather, like Justin Bieber, just as a beaver.

The object of the game is to get Beaver to sign as many otter-graphs as possible, but he needs to constantly be looking out for the Phot-hogs who are out to get him.

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It’s a pretty innocent, parody of the teen pop idol. However, that’s not the way the Biebs and his attorneys are looking at it. Maybe it’s because of his beaver teeth, or because beavers just arent cool. The real Justin Biber’s attorneys have already requested that the app be removed from both the Android Market and the iPhone app store. So far neither app store has removed it.

Attorney’s for the biebs have already sent a cease and desist to RC3 Inc who have flat out said they won’t pull the game either. RC3 issued the following statement:

“After receipt of Justin Bieber’s “Cease and Desist Letter” and subsequent conversations with Bieber’s lawyers it became apparent that litigation was inevitable. In an effort to preemptively protect our company and our product we had no choice but to ask the court to intervene.”

RC3 has filed a Declaratory Action in the United States Court for the Middle District Of Florida.   We’ll see what Biebs’ next move is. Of course with less than 500 downloads in the Android Market, we’re certain Bieber has a lot more money to fight this one out.

2 Replies to “Bieber Wars Over Android And iOS App”

  1. I’m disappointed by this, especially since Bieber spoke out against SOPA. I guess he’s just another hypocrite.

  2. You can bet on that. With a net worth of $105 million, he could buy the company that made the game and just shut it down! Yikes!

    I hope he loses and the game goes super viral. LOL!

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