Best Buy Offering $50 Gift Card For Anyone Who Upgrades In 2012 With Super Bowl Ad

Best Buy is taking to the Super Bowl this Sunday to advertise a program to spark mobile phone sales in their Best Buy Mobile locations.

As CNET points out, where other departments at Best Buy are struggling or flat, mobile seems to be a solid revenue stream for America’s largest electronics retailer.

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“It’s pretty clear America wants to upgrade to smartphones,” said Scott Moore, vice president of marketing for Best Buy’s connectivity business group told CNET. “We want to use the Super Bowl as an opportunity to awaken recognition of Best Buy as a mobile source.”

Best Buy will announce the rules for the $50 gift card promotion in a Super Bowl ad this Sunday, however CNET was able to spill the beans a little early. If you think you may upgrade your phone anytime in 2012, head over to this site here. Register your phone number, and by using that phone number when you upgrade your phone you will automatically get $50 from Best Buy.  The only catch is you have one week to register your phone number. Sign ups end on February 12th.

Last year the world watched as Best Buy paired Ozzy Osbourne with pop mega star Justin Bieber. In the 2011 commercial the two touted how gadgets were upgrading at an alarming rate. This year’s Best Buy ad will feature Jim McKelvey, co-founder of Square, Kevin Systrom founder of Instagram, and Phillippe Kahn, who is often credited with developing the camera phone.

source: Best Buy


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  1. Don’t they have a must sign new or current contract which means you lose you’re grandfathered unlimited data plan?

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