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Appsbar Let’s You Create Web And Facebook Apps Now Too

Appsbar, probably the easiest DIY (do it yourself) Android app building platform has just announced the addition of web apps and Facebook apps. Now in addition to making an app in the time it takes to wait for a Domino’s pizza (30 minutes or less) your app can now be ready for the web (pc and mobile) and Facebook.

Facebook apps are growing ten fold in popularity.  Even with the on-set of Google+, people are still flocking to Facebook in droves, like it came out last month or something. Facebook has taken advantage of this huge growth, and their developer community has been supporting it as well.

Now if you want an Android, web and Facebook app for your personal interests or your business you can build it fast and free with Appsbar.

“appsbar has grown into the leading resource for anyone to build and publish apps, and our users wanted the ability to share their apps wherever their audience is; including their own website and Facebook,” said Scott Hirsch, founder of appsbar.

Hirsch is no stranger to the web. He founded the first opt-in email company and then sold it for hundreds of millions of dollars. He is also credited with holding the first web based fashion show. Now Hirsch has taken his love for the web and empowering people to the mobile app world.

Until now apps that were built using Appsbar’s free, but robust app building tool, were optimized for the Android Market. Now all Appsbar apps can be downloaded and shared for any site or device supporting HTML 5 (all of them). This gives your app a huge amount of exposure and audience.

Independent movie houses, restaurant owners, sports bloggers, rock music fans, car shops, gadget junkies and more have taken their small businesses and personal interests and created an “app for that”.

In an interview with thedroidguy late last year Hirsch said that Appsbar does for people who want to make apps, what Word Press does for people who wanted to write on a website (millions of them). If you’re ready to try it out you need just about 30 minutes of time or less and to head over to Appsbar at


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