Apple Executive Jumps Ship For A Secret Project At Google

Simon Prakash is leaving Apple for Google photo: SAI

Business Insider is reporting today, by way of Venture Beat, that a high ranking Apple Executive has jumped ship for Google. This comes fresh on the heels of an investigation by the US Justice Department of a non-poaching secret agreement between Apple and Google. It seems that the agreement may have just been violated.

Simon Prakash who served as Apple’s Senior Director of Product Engineering will report to work in Mountain View tomorrow morning instead of his old digs in Cupertino. Prakash served in that Apple position for 8 years. Prior to that he worked for Cielo Communications as director of engineering design validation.

Reports suggest that Prakash will report directly to Google co-founder Sergey Brin who heads up special projects at Google. With his background in product and communications we can’t help but wonder if he will be part of an Android project or something Google is preparing for with the Motorola Mobility acquisition.

Source: SAI