App Spotlight: Facebook Timeline Covers

Have you switched over your Facebook profile to the new timeline magazine style profile? If you have, than you’ve probably run across a situation where you’ve been out and about and thought, damn that would make a great cover photo for my Facebook.

Well now, with a new app called Facebook Timeline Covers you can take easy Facebook timeline cover and profile photos, edit them and upload them to your Facebook page from  your Android powered smartphone.

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Facebook Timeline Covers allows the user to pic or take a photo for the cover art. Then after the cover art is chosen you can take a second photo with the background super imposed so you can see what your new Facebook timeline cover will look like.

If you don’t want to take a cover photo you can choose from the apps pre-installed covers and take a separate profile pic for the inset so that your profile pic matches what’s happening in the cover art.

The developers of the app say that the app is for those of us that aren’t photoshop savvy to have great looking Facebook covers. Check it out in the Android Market here

Heres a video of how it works: