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Android Dominates In 2011 In Millennial Media’s Year End Edition Of Mobile Mix

If you’ve been reading for a while or any other good Android site than the words Millennial Media and Mobile Mix are very familiar to you. Millennial Media is the largest independent mobile ad network in the world.

The Mobile Mix report, published every month by Millennial Media, gives a better snapshot of the overall mobile app industry because the data is polled from active users versus sales or shipments.

Millennial Media released their 2011 Year in Review report this week. In 2010 iOS devices had the most impressions on Millennial Media’s ad network with 41%. Android had 30%, and RIM had 18%.  In 2011 Android replaced iOS at the top of the heap with 47%. iOS saw 33% of the impressions on Millennial’s network and RIM fell to 16%.

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Android saw a 57% increase year over year. Android was also the fastest growing OS on Millennial’s network. This is a statistic that has been echoed from just about every other research issued in the last 12 months.

One of the most surprising factors is that the dominant carrier on Millennial’s network wasn’t a carrier at all. WiFi devices/connections dominated in the Mobile Mix report at 27%. Verizon Wireless, the nation’s largest carrier was in second place with 19%. Surprisingly, Sprint beat out AT&T with 14% and AT&T and T-Mobile were both tied at 9%.  MetroPCS was the dominant prepaid carrier.

The WiFi factor may be caused by the fact that a number of developers using Millennial’s ad network are game developers and a lot of gaming via mobile device is actually done where wifi is present.  The fact that Sprint beat out both AT&T and T-Mobile may be because of Sprint’s unlimited data plans. Despite a move to tiered data in 2011, many Verizon customers are either still on unlimited plans or have been grandfathered into unlimited plans when switching devices mid-contract.

The year end numbers at the end of 2012 will give a more accurate snapshot. We should see RIM dip even further down. We may see Microsoft Windows Phone make some sort of dent and of course the gap should be widened between Android and Apple.

Source: Millennial Media

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