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Android App Spotlight: Swarmbit: New Location Aware Easy File Sharing App

Swarmbit is a new kind of location aware app. With swarmbit you form a location aware proximity network with people that are around you. Say you’re at a concert, festival or conference, those people around you can join your “swarm” and from there use Swarmbits unique file sharing approach.

The purpose of Swarmbit is to connect people who may not know each other, but are in close proximity, perhaps attending the same event. Once connected these people can share photos, videos, music, fliers, presentations etc quickly and without limits. If you don’t get it, we didn’t either at first but now we totally see where this would be useful:

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Although it’s a little late in the election cycle, Swarmbit would be perfect for a political rally for location aware fliers, videos, and photos. All the people in the audience could join the political candidates swarm at a rally and from there share photos for an event, video and fliers. Only one person in the swarm needs to be the source for the files although anyone in a swarm can share files with anyone else, and again without limit.

Files shared by Swarmbit are temporary and the person in the swarm sharing the file can decide what the expiration date of the file is. They can also be stored in the cloud in case someone needs to access the file later.

Swarmbit has a lot of different options for file sharing, you can password protect the files, you can even set up folders by geo location. This type of sharing would be perfect for a touring band who wanted to give away a free song at each tour stop. If the band wanted to give a different song away in each city they could set the files up by geolocation so when they are in New York they people in the swarm can only access the New York file and when they’re in Orlando Florida, those fans can only get the Orlando file.

This unique app got a “Special Mention for Digital Business Innovation” at the recent IAB Mixx 2012

Download it from the Android Market here, it’s also available for iOS devices.

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