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Android App Spotlight: Army Alarm Clock, Never Over Sleep Again

Are Android’s stock ringers to soothing to your ears to actually wake you up? Do you repeatedly hit the snooze button on your Android phone? Well the folks at Silver Dragon Technologies have come up with an app that will break you of that habit like Sergent Slaughter breaks down new GI Joe recruits.

This app may not be appropriate for children.  It functions like any normal alarm clock, right up until the point you set it for.

Army Alarm Clock’s Drill Sergeant will wake you up. For your first alarm he’ll tell you “Wake up Maggot” and other choice phrases. Hit the snooze button though and you’re a gluton for punishment. Once the alarm goes off the second time the Drill Sergeant gets even more mad and will curse at you, put you down and make you feel like the sorry maggot you are. Hit snooze again and according to the developer, you need to be ready for the chew out of your life.

Army Alarm Clock is available in the Android Market for $.99 get it here

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