Android App Downloads Beating iOS In UK, Russia, Germany & South America, US Next

It’s no secret that Android is beating iOS across the world. However, most thought that with the Apple app store approaching 25 billion downloads, iOS was winning the app battle.

As Xylogic has uncovered, that’s not the case in the UK, Russia, Germany or South America. Take the UK for instance where according to Xylogic’s study iOS apps saw 90.9 million downloads, vs the 99.1 million downloads for Android apps.

In Germany the margin was even wider with 59.5 million downloads for iOS and 64.9 million downloads for Android.

South America naturally sees more Android downloads because the iPhone hasn’t adapted nearly as well in South America where cost of ownership pushes people towards Android.

In the United States, Xylogic expects Android to overtake iOS in March or April of this year.

source: Xylogic via Phonearena