Accessory Spotlight: House Of Marley Conqueror Mist Ear Buds

House of Marley is a cause minded movement, that helps grass roots causes throughout the world, bringing awareness to social issues and cause minded change through outreach and investment. The House of Marley movement was started by Rohan Marley, one of Bob Marley’s sons, and the spirit of the movement is shared amongst the remaining Marley family members.

House of Marley funds their social outreach by creating and selling innovative musical products that are also made with good conscious and the earth in mind. Right now, the House of Marley line includes a really cool boom box, a portable speaker system, ear buds, on ear headphones and over the ear headphones.

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One of the greatest things about House of Marley is not only are you getting audio accessories made with the environment in mind, but because a family full of musicians is designing the products, they sound great as well. With the Marley family’s deep roots in reggae music and playing actual instruments, their head phone and ear bud lines sound more precise than some of the other “hip hop” competitive headphones on the market.

The Conqueror ear buds are made of earth friendly materials which include certified sapele and maple wood. The metal used in the ear bud is recycled aluminum. The Marley family has found a way to utilize the materials to provide great in ear acoustics, the sound is full and you hear the mids, highs and lows. Of course we listened to “Stir It Up” and “Three little Birds” and they sounded great, but lately when trying to test out range in headphones we’ve fired up a little Adele, and “Someone Like You” sounded like you were in the room.

All the House of Marley cords are fabric coated which means they don’t tangle up. There’s nothing I hate more than throwing my HTC Sensation 4G or iPhone in my purse and having the cord get all tangled up.  According to Rohan in an interview with thedroidguy the fabric on the cord also cuts down on static and accidental tears in the cord.

The Conqueror’s also feature a three button remote with mic that was clear on calls and worked spot on while listening to some music on my phone.

Finally, the in-ear part itself fit right to my ears and was soft and comfortable as opposed to hard rubberized plastics that can cause pain after several hours of listening.

$99 may seem a little steep to the average ear bud buyer however the fabric cord and use of earth friendly products is something to consider. The fabric cord actually makes the ear buds last longer. Also, as we said in the beginning, the Marley family uses the proceeds from sales of House of Marley products to fund their outreach and social causes. Really, it’s full of win.

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